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Now you sound like a Jedi... by its-not-the-jedi-way Now you sound like a Jedi... :iconits-not-the-jedi-way:its-not-the-jedi-way 1 0
Pleasant Retreat
Paring: Obi-Wan/Satine
Time Period: Clone Wars
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to G.Lucas.
Summery: Obi-Wan Kenobi is given leave during the Clone Wars, due to some injury he attained on the front-lines doing something recklessly heroic. The Council gives him leave to go to where ever he wishes.
Dex had told him about this beautiful lodge on a heavily forested planet in the Mid-Rim. It was Neutral space so it was free of Separatists and it wasn’t to likely that anyone would recognize him. He is eager for the peace he feels the anonymity would give him and leaves all his Jedi attire at the Jedi Temple.
When he arrives he takes a deep breath of the cool crisp air, so different from the suffocating dust and smoke of the war. And the sounds. Gone are the sounds of ion discard and canon fire. Instead of death, life fills the air. Overhead calls of bird life and the sharp
:icondarthbloodorange:DarthBloodOrange 3 4
Satine's goodbye by carabadgermum Satine's goodbye :iconcarabadgermum:carabadgermum 3 0 The one that got away by Dernwen The one that got away :icondernwen:Dernwen 13 33
New Fan Art
Hey Everyone, I'm the groups Contributer :iconTiffanyEtch-A-Sketch: and I just like to say thanks to
Are founder :iconMissKenobigirl:
And Co founders :iconGeneral28: and :iconAnisoka28:   For starting this group ;D
So I got to thinking on how we could make this group bigger. More new fan Art! It would be great if everyone submitted there own Art. So calling all fans! If you like Obi-wan and Satine (Even just a little) try your own attempt at drawing them and see how good you are. You could be surprised. (Hidden Talent alway's finds it's way out).
Thank you, Bye
:iconobitine:Obitine 1 0
Ventrobi: The Queen in Yellow
Ventrobi: The Queen in Yellow
Mother Talzin had died, the Jedi were all but destroyed, and the Clone Wars had come to a bloody end.  The Empire had risen with the coming of the greatest evil.  Lord Vader thundered his power across the galaxy, and no one with Force powers was safe.  And yet, there was reason to celebrate.
Two of the most unlikely enemies grew closer together in exile.  On Tatooine, It was Jedi Knight Obi-wan Kenobi and Sith Apprentice Asajj Ventress who had found the best of all possible endings.  Their love had grown in the war, as also their disillusionment with their own causes.
But it was not easy for them at first.  Obi-wan sometimes had regrets for not saving the Jedi Order.  He missed them in his heart.  Asajj felt adrift without becoming the Sith Lord she thought she was meant to be.  They had grown intimate, however, as Order 66 pulled them together.  But living together in hiding, in a small domestic setting in
:iconlordhadrian:lordhadrian 8 38
I Cried More At Satine's Death Than Ahsoka Leaving by kiarafan2 I Cried More At Satine's Death Than Ahsoka Leaving :iconkiarafan2:kiarafan2 5 17
Obitine week: Day 1 - Secret
If you are a Jedi and you'll somehow fall in love, there are two ways of solution. You can quit the Order for your love, or resign from love and stay a Jedi. However, Obi-wan Kenobi found a third way. Risky, but yet making it whole even more exciting. He felt like a young padawan again, when he sneaked out of his apartment in the late evening, large hood covering his face. Doing his best to stay unnoticed, he headed to the meeting place. As he expected, she was already waiting for him. Jedi recognized her even though women's outfit was totally different from her usual. He smirked under the hood and came closer.
'It's dangerous for a lady to be here alone' he whispered as he stand inches from her.
Woman turned to him immediately, recognizing his voice.
'Oh, but I'm not alone now' she whispered back with a  smile and reached for his lips.
Her scent surrounded him, making him weak. Gods, how he loved her scent! It hypnotized him, so he hardly could wait until they would be in their r
:iconmary-kate-serafin:Mary-Kate-Serafin 13 3
Obitine 1950s AU Fic
Pairing: Obi-Wan x Satine
Time Period: Clone Wars
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to G.Lucas.
Summery: Obi-wan goes to a club after work. Star Wars AU
I park my bike near the door of the club. Normally I would go home to my adopted father after work but a mate suggested this place. Well, at least I left him a message that I’ll be late home.
Mandalore. Not a club for the cats or greasers but for the ordinary Clyde. Satine Kryze AKA Duchess, the owner of this club has her heart set on keeping it that way. Believing that those crowds are more trouble than they are worth.
I walk through the front door of the club and give the joint a quick eye ball.
Everybody appears to be having a blast, nobody is drunk. I can see why many dig this place, Mandalore is unreal.
I join the crowd. I start dancing to the sweet sides playing. Duchess has good tastes.
I dance for a good 40
:icondarthbloodorange:DarthBloodOrange 4 5
Obitine week: Day 7 - Cat
A shrill cry filled Satine's room. She quickly came to her bed, from where it came, and sat at the edge.
'There, there... hush, sweetie. I'm right here...' said woman, caressing a tiny head.
'My lady... are you sure you want to keep it?' she heard one of her assistants voice.
Duchess smiled lightly, taking warm, small body on her lap.
'Yes... I do.'
'It might cause troubles, your highness...'
'I'm aware of it, and I'll take full responsibility.'
Assistant only nodded, and after bowing lightly she left the room.
'I won't give you anywhere...' she whispered softly. 'You'll stay with me.'
From the day she saw him for the first time, when she took him in her arms, she knew she's going to keep him. No matter what.
* * *
Obi-wan was walking to his room, still talking to Anakin through communicator about his latest mission.
'Check it, maybe there will be something that will help you explain...' he suddenly stopped, when he saw something next to his door.
'Obi-wan? Everything alright?' he hear
:iconmary-kate-serafin:Mary-Kate-Serafin 7 11
Obitine week: Day 3 - Pain
She was siting on the edge of the fountain in a far less crowded part of the city. Through those days she was on Coruscant she didn't have time to really talk with Obi-wan. And as far as she was concerned, they had some things to talk about. The weather was nice, and as she didn't have to hide anymore, not here, she didn't bother to wear a coat. She was only dressed in quite simple, but nice dark-blue dress. We will only talk, she thought to herself, Only talk. That's nothing bad.
She planned to take Jedi for a walk, so they would have at least few moments of a peaceful time. Lost in her thought, she didn't saw a stranger approaching to her.
'Duchess Satine?' he said with a screechy voice.
Woman raised her sight at him.
'Yes, that's me. And you are?...' she asked, trying to see his whole face, but the hood made it impossible.
Stranger's laugh wasn't nice. He came even closer.
'It doesn't matter.' another step in her direction.
'Don't come closer!' she hissed, standing up.
He laughed ag
:iconmary-kate-serafin:Mary-Kate-Serafin 10 3
Ventress VS Duchess Satine: This Day Aria
This day is going to be perfect.
The kind of day of which i dreamed since i was small.
Everybody will gather round, say I look lovely in my gown.
What they DON'T know is that I have fooled them all!
This day was going to be perfect.
The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small.
But instead of having cake, with all my friends to celebrate.
My wedding bells, they may not ring for me at all.
I could care less about the dress, I won't partake in any cake.
Vows? Well, I'll be lying when I say.
That through any kind of weather I'll want us to be together.
The truth is I don't care for him at all!
No, I do not love the groom in my heart there is no room.
But i still want him to be all miiiiiiiiine!
We must escape before it's too late, find a way to save the day.
Hope? I'd be lying if I say.
I don't fear that I may lose him to one who wants to use him
Not care, love or cherish him each day.
For I oh, so, love the groom, all my thoughts he does consume.
:iconkiarafan2:kiarafan2 3 2
Obi-Wan's Evangeline by DarthBloodOrange Obi-Wan's Evangeline :icondarthbloodorange:DarthBloodOrange 4 9
Twisted Affairs
Paring: Obitine [Sith!Obi-Wan/Satine]
Time Period: The Clone Wars
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to G.Lucas.
Summery: Obi-Wan has the Duchess right where he wants her.
Obi-Wan strides through the Mandalorian palace in Sundari briskly flanked by Death Watch soldiers. A sickly grin contorting a once kind face, as the Sith Lord makes his way to the palace detention cells.
Upon reaching his destination Obi-Wan turns back to his soldiers “That will be all” He dismisses them to wait outside. Without a word the soldiers do a commanded.
Obi-Wan enters the cell slowly, the door and his feet silent. He takes a moment to just observe to the woman before him, smiling slyly. He stalks closer to her, with a low rumbling laugh “Don’t look so upset Duchess” he says in a dark purr. He laughs when she does not respond to him.
“Satine” Obi-Wan pout
:icondarthbloodorange:DarthBloodOrange 4 0
Down the dark path
Paring: Past Obitine
Time Period: Clone Wars Au / ROTS AU
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to G.Lucas.
Summery: Obi-Wan has lost one lover too many and leaves the order to pursue a new life. Little did anyone know what would become of Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Obi-Wan stands before the council, a simple gold necklace wrapped around his fingers tightly. He looks out past the Jedi Masters before him and into Coruscant’s horizon. He has lost all care for what they have to say, he has already decided.
“Obi-Wan, we highly advise against this…” Ki Adi says slowly, trying to get through to him. He sighs when he realises Obi-Wan is not going to answer.
Mace looks at Obi-Wan’s rigid posture and the tight set to his jaw with a heavy heart. “We know you are hurti-“
“Oh! Brilliant. Just perfect. It that your abilities talking or do you actually hav
:icondarthbloodorange:DarthBloodOrange 5 15
Obi-Wan's Mambo No.5 by DarthBloodOrange Obi-Wan's Mambo No.5 :icondarthbloodorange:DarthBloodOrange 6 76


Hey DeviantArt! Sorry I haven't been on, guys. I've been really busy lately! It's been sad not to see you guys.... Unless...

embedded_item1491245862810 by Skywalkup
Well, hi everyone! I'm one of the newest DeviantArt members! #lovers! ^=^

embedded_item1488647789928 by Skywalkup
Is it just me, or is Hera the only one who really looks rad? Lol. Live long!

embedded_item1488647102280 by Skywalkup

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Ahsoka woke up in Rex's bed. She rubbed her eyes confused. "Rex?" She asked. Ahsoka stood up. Rex walked in, putting both hands up against the wall. He stopped her from going anywhere.

"Good morning, Commander." He smiled. Ahsoka looked away. "Good morning, Captain." She replied. "Thanks again for last night, Commander." Rex said. Ahsoka looked up at him in confusion.

The night before, Rex had taken Ahsoka to a bar. She joked around with some of the clones, mostly Rex and Cody. It had been a long mission for Ahsoka the following night, fighting Ventress alone without Skywalker's help.

"Life is a living hell." Ahsoka said. "Yeah. It is." Cody said walking in. "Rex, General Skywalker wants us on the bridge." Cody said.

Rex took his hands off of the wall. "I'll be back." Rex said, giving Ahsoka a wink before walking out.

Ahsoka sat on her bed. She put her head in her hands. Anakin and Obi-Wan waked by her little room. "Ahsoka?" Anakin asked, knocking. Ahsoka stayed quite.

Obi-Wan put his hand on a button. The for swung open. Ahsoka waited. 'I'm dead. I'm so dead.' She thought.

"It had been twenty years ago." Ahsoka told Ezra. "But why would your master kill you for falling in love?" The young, fourteen year old, asked. "Jedi aren't aloud to fall in love." Ahsoka said, like he should of already of known.

Rex walked in, falling in love with every inch and curve of Ahsoka. He remembered those twenty years ago like it was now.

He remembered holding her body. The way where, it was so wrong, but felt so right. He wished that the night could happen again.

Ezra jumped up the moment the door opened. "Kanan?" He asked. "Not this time. Chopper." Rex said with a smile. "Oh shit! I forgot about him!" Ezra yelled add he ran from the room.

Rex took off his helmet smiling. Ahsoka stood up, putting her arms around him. "I love you, Commander Rex." She said. "I love you to, General Tano." He said, kissing the side of her neck.
Mash up
What if Harry Potter's world and the Star Wars world were to have a mash up? This is what would happen. B


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